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Mod battle - who will be crowned the true Lord of Mayhem?

2014.03.06 22:40 Blubbey Mod battle - who will be crowned the true Lord of Mayhem?

You can base them on character traits from posts you've seen and make up stats (genius int, average human strength for example), random powers here (as many as you want but they have to all have the same amount each) or whatever you want. If one side is really unbalanced, team them up to try and make it as close as possible, or don't. Feel free to add your own scenarios and conditions.
To start you off, I'll do two random powers for each mod:
FatKidNoFriends has Nature Manipulation and Stardust Constructs
Krillin has Temporal Rewind and Tsukumogami Physiology
Roflmoo has Slender Man Physiology and Key-Based Powers
mack0409 has Devic Physiology and Multiple Heads
Round 1:
Open field, each starting about 10m apart. 1a) No lust, blitz/bfincap/knockout/kill to win. 1b) Lust.
Round 2:
Busy underground train station. 2a) go nuts. Lust on. 2b) Minimal collateral damage allowed, for example you can't just pick up a train and go swinging, just to make it interesting. No civilian casualties allowed. No lust.
Round 3:
Airport. Everyone gets invited, they get assigned to take each other out and escape - exit the building and get a taxi back to their hotel. Can not get caught - firearms officers (say 20 on site) and they will activate if they see it happen (incap/knockout/kill, whatever it is). This will be a standard "hands in the air, get on the ground, drop the weapon" etc etc. 3a) No prep 3b) 1 day prep 3c) 1 week prep. Note - port, flight and super speed will be allowed to escape if they can get outside unnoticed - this includes exits other than the front door.
Bonus rounds:
Dance off!
Dance hall
Warehouse rave
DnB/Jungle club night
After a date that has gone well, they're back at their (the mods' houses) place. They put on Barry and commence the dance of seduction. Who is most successful? To start success can mean them not leaving in disgust. If needs must, use Stark's place.
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