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Unsolved but still pretty clear who did it, case: Linda and Mats

2020.07.20 22:42 LittleMissEmmet Unsolved but still pretty clear who did it, case: Linda and Mats

On mobile and English is not my first language, soz...
Here goes a case that twisted my stommach more than once.. Do mind this person went to media so I could easily say full name but won't.
Mats and Linda met on a datingsite in march 2008. After only few weeks they move in together at Linda's place.
May, same year, Mats proposes to Linda and they are planning to get married August 2009.
Then, a summerday 2009, 8 days before their planned wedding, the police recieve a phonecall from Mats saying his fiancee is missing...
..He stated to the police, that it was not normal that Linda would'nt show up, and not normal that she wasn't answering phonecalls at 3 am.
According to Mats, she went to work 1st of August at 11 AM and came home at 4 PM.
At 4:30 PM Mats said they went to a store together and after went out on a roadtrip to check for sites to show their weddingguests (?).
At evening 10 PM that day, Mats said she was going out with friends (this have not been verified at all with any of her friends or family when police looked into her phone and questioning everyone close to her).
.. .Now Mats goes to media and exposes his full name, face and telling everyone how concerned he is about his fiancee...
...But even more questionmarks are rising...
... Then when time goes.... Mats updates the police with this:
Someone knocked on his door, made him swallow pills, and after a chain of very questionable events, he wakes up next to Linda's body that is on fire on a countryside road (---> although he is spotted on camera whilst riding a bus to the site but it could not be proven 100% it was him).......
Mats was found guilty only for vioaltion of the peace, spending a few months in jail and are living free somewhere.. Noone have been found/convicted yet for Linda's murder..
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2014.04.03 00:24 Heice How do I (25/f ) know if he(27/m) is interested?

Ok! So I'm dating this guy. And I really, really like him, and I think I'm in love for the first time in forever! And i might be overthinking this stuff but can't help it; I am unsure if he likes me or not, if he's waiting for me to make a move, or maby he just wanna take it slow. So I need some advice, please help me out here people of reddit.
He meets me but like a week between each time
After talking a while on a datingsite I meet him first time last thursday and then agian today. After meeting first time I was the one texting him the same night and saying I had a great time wanna meet again.
He coulden't meet again before today. He was working double shift and had hes brothers birthday and stuff so i really belive he had lots of stuff todo .
Today I was asking what he was doing later this week and if he wanna come to my place but he dosent have a car and public transportation is bad, and he had work and trip with some friends and some other stuff.
But later on as I was leaving he mention something about maby meeting again next week and I said that "sure that would be nice , text me if you wanna meet".
I was at his place and nothing happend, not even a kiss or anything...
I meet him again at his appartment this aftenoon and I was kinda surprised to see that he choose to sit in the chair opposit to me and not in the sofa beside me ( I don't smell bad and I'm used to guys beeing pretty forward that way so this suprised me... ) He had already told me beforehand that he had to leave at 7.30 as he had workout with his buddy. We drank tea and it was nice and we talked , but nothing happend exept for a hug when I left.
But he's a feminist ( so maby he just don't wanna do anything before he's 100% that I want him to or maby he wants me to make the approch???)
He's a feminist and I like that but he outtered some oppiniones that made me think that he needs the women to take initiative ( He hates those dudes who´s creepy and annoying and foreonly really and Should I take more initiative and be more forward and if so how ? I'm used to guys hwo takes initative and im kinda not use to have to do that so this is new to me also im afraid to come across as too nagging/desperate/pushy/annoying or something like that...
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2012.08.27 03:43 eva88 Dating(site) rant!

Ugh... Okay here we go...
So, 24 female and dating. I'm not 100% sure about being childfree in the future, because I'm still quite young and still in college, 'never say never', but obviously I'm not subscribed to childfree without a reason... The subject of children usually doesn't really come up very early in the dating process at my age. But sometimes some people are so outspoken about wanting children that I break things off, even though I'm not 100% sure, but sure enough to not want to ruin someone's future who wants them monsters so bad.
Anyway... Storytime! Not really anything new here, so skip reading if you don't want to hear the same breeder-arguments again :)
Very flattering e-mail from datingsite-guy, some (translated) excerpts:
I really liked reading your profile. You look like the ideal girlfriend! [some info on work and hobbies, all cool] and I also have a big wish for children. Hope to hear from you soon!
So not a wish... but a BIG wish... Nah-ah, I ain't gettin' into this mess!
Thank you for your flattering e-mail! But I am concerned with one big thing. I do not wish to have children. And because you think about that so much differently I don't think it would be wise to get to know each other better.
Well that's a bit blunt.. You just don't want me.. Using that as an excuse is just weak. Because we have so much else in common. But it says more about you than about me.
Why the ** would I make up something like this as an excuse not to date someone? Oh well of course, I forgot a woman can't possibly want to be childfree. So it must be an excuse!
You are easily stepped on your toes.. (is this a saying in english too? easily offended.) I don't want children, you want them really bad. That seems to me like a big deal.
People change their minds constantly, maybe one of us would in the future. I don't like to be rejected on a point like this, you could have at least gotten to know me better.
Ugh, maybe one of us would in the future? You mean me. Just say so. Now I'm getting pissed.
This is not about what tv-show we want to watch together. We are talking about children. Money wasting, crying, smelly, annoying children. I take your wish about them seriously, please do me the same courtesy.
Now it gets good.
Do you ever think about what would've happened if your parents thought the same? Or the parents of every big name in the history of mankind? It's quite selfish, and I'm financially stable. I'm going to college next year, and I'll become a lawyer. But if you don't want.. Too bad.
Aaaaand... it's ON! ghehe
For someone who wants to become a lawyer you should learn how to argue better. To continue your line of thought: What were the parents of addicts and mass murderers thinking? And for a decent argument: Some people want children, some don't. And since more than enough people do, the earth will stay over populated for some time, don't worry. Gives childfree people the chance to develop themselves in other areas of life.
You're missing the point. We're not talking about other people's children, but about your own. Who will take care of you when you're old? Do you want to end up alone and lonely? Leave this world without any legacy?
Oh this one's easy.
No, you are missing the point that not every woman is a breeding chicken. (this sounds better in Dutch, I promise) When I'm old I'll be hanging out at the retirement club drinking whiskey. That's what I pay my insurance company for. I'm good at making friends, so I don't think I'll end up lonely. And for that matter I wouldn't want to burden children with my care or recreation. I couldn't care less about my legacy, and even then I'm leaving the world enough as it is.
You almost turn me on with your debating skills! (wait.. wut?) If you love your children, they will take care of you later on in life. If we had a child we would combine the best of ourselves into one. And that would be the best gift we could give each other.
Okay at this point I can't take this seriously anymore.. So..
I'd rather get an iPad for my birthday. Good night!
I hope this amused you ;) As I'm typing it up it amuses me, but when I was in the conversation I was really surprised that I encountered this for the first time. It feels bad not to be taken seriously.
Another small story about some dates I had in real life with this guy.. He would not take me seriously about not wanting kids, I told him all my arguments but he waved them aside like they were foolish. The sad part was that when I asked him about his arguments, they were... Disgusting. His answer?
I want two kids, a boy and a girl. And I'll teach them everything about culture and history, really raise them good. Then I can take them to concerts and museums, they'll be just like me! And they'll play hockey like me. It will be sooooo good!
Say what?! You don't want kids, you want a little clone of yourself! (He was an egocentric little bitch) What if you son was gay, or like metal music? "No no no, no kid of mine would be gay"
Holy spaghetti monster. Why can people with a wish for children get away with these lousy arguments, and we have to defend ourselves every time we mention wanting to stay childfree?
Well it was fun ranting :D Thanks for listening if you got to the end ;) Please rant on in the comments!
EDIT: First guy =/= Second guy! (my bad, trying to type English like I hear americans talk on tv ;) ) Did not date e-mail guy, because of uteral reasons.
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